What Do You Need Right Now?

More Targeted Traffic?
More Affiliate Sales?

More Product Sales?
More Clients?
More Qualified Leads?

Let Me Take You By the Hand and Show You Step By Step Using Interactive Audio and 
Video Tutorials

How To Get All Of The Above Simply, Quickly and Inexpensively using Google Adwords.

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I know I just made a bold claim... but I'm serious,
What do you need right now?

Do you need a way to drive massive amounts of targeted traffic to your website?
No Problem

Do you need to learn a way to make money promoting affiliate programs (even if you don't have your own website)? No problem

Do you need to generate hot, responsive leads for your business (no matter what industry you're in or how much your product/service costs)? No Problem

Do you need to generate more sales for your products and/or services? No Problem

Do you need to build a huge highly targeted opt-in email list? No Problem

Already using Google Adwords?

Do you want to learn how you can instantly get 70% or more visitors while actually lowering your Adwords costs? No Problem

Are you interested in driving targeted visitors to your Web site?... how about generating low-cost, high quality targeted leads or building a hot responsive opt-in email list?

Maybe you finally want learn how to make money online by promoting product or services you are an affiliate for using Google Adwords?

Or are you more interested in learning how you can easily test and research almost any anything?... like ad copy, product ideas, prices or simply getting inside the head of a specific market segment and ask them some questions.

You can accomplish all of the above with Google's Adwords Select Advertising Program... and in a few seconds I will show you how.

But first let's talk about Google Adwords.

Google Adwords is not the Internet's "new traffic fad" and it's definitely not just another pay per click program.... It's really one of the most profound developments in online advertising (and in the whole history of advertising).

Never before has it been possible to spend a couple bucks to create yourself an account and within minutes be generating thousands of brand new highly targeted visitors to your website.

Now isn't that refreshing?

There is no waiting for you ad to get approved (or disapproved) like at regular pay per click search engines, no buying ads in newsletters or banner impressions on websites, no time consuming search optimization work, no writing of articles or press releases, no need link exchanging or joint ventures... just instant traffic!

But There Are 3 Major Problems With Google Adwords...

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While Google Adwords may be the perfect traffic source it has a very high learning curve.

Problem #1: You can easily waste a lot of money if you don't know what you are doing. With more and more people learning about Adwords the prices of keywords are increasing.

But the kicker is you not only have to worry about your competition but you also have to maintain a certain click through rate on your ads or Google will automatically disable your keywords.

Problem #2: You also have to make sure that your ad is in one of the top stops on the 1st page of the search results or your ad will not get noticed.

Google will rank ads using a special formula that takes into account your click through rate as well as the amount you bid on the keyword.

As a result with Google Adwords it is very important to know how to write ads, group your keywords, and set up your campaign so they get a good click through rate.

Problem #3: Finally you have to know how to get around the maze of all the Google Adwords Admin Panels.

The Google Adwords interface can be very scary to use for beginners... and the worst part is there are many "hidden" features that if you don't discover on your own will result in you wasting a lot of time and money

What You Must Do If You Want To Succeed With Google Adwords

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The best way to guarantee your success with Google Adwords is to learn from someone who is very experienced... you need to find someone to "show you the ropes".

Wouldn't it be great if you best friend was a Google Adwords expert?

Wouldn't it be great if he/she could just come over to your place, sit down beside you and walk you through step by step, how things work.

Of course you'd want your friend to show you *in detail* all the ins and outs, all the secrets, all the insider tips and tricks.

Well chances are that you best friend is not an Google Adwords Expert... in fact your friends probably don't know adwords from bad words :-)

So what are you left with? Going out and buying one of the popular ebook on Google Adwords right?


Problems With the Existing Google Adwords Training?

Now don't get me wrong... I have bought most of the Google Adwords training ebooks on the market and most of them offered great training... I know I've personally picked up many many tips from people like Andrew Goodman, Jim Carpenter and especially Perry Marshall (more on Perry later).

I've even recommended their ebooks to friends and clients... BUT

Later I'd talk with some of these same friends or clients and the topic of Google Adwords would come up and they would still be asking stuff like:

  • I read A's ebook but it doesn't really show me step by step in enough detail how to actually do _________
  • B's ebook was good but I don't own my own products and I'm more interested in learning how to promote affiliate programs using Google Adwords
  • C's ebook was good and I learned the general idea of promoting affiliate programs using adwords however I'm still having problems making money... what am I doing wrong John?
  • John how exactly do I track my Google Adwords conversion?
  • John what should I look for in affiliate programs to promote using adwords?
  • John I'm trying to market my X service am I taking the right approach?
  • What should my bidding strategy be?
  • Can you have a look at my keyword list and ads and tell me why I'm not getting a decent click through rate

So what I decided to do was create my own Google Adwords Home Study Course.

And I decided to do it in a medium that allowed me to easily get across exactly how I do things.
Step by Step right in front of your eyes... no guess work, no interpretation needed.

I created 40+ screen cam videos that recorded my every move and my every word as I went through exactly how to use Google Adwords in different situations (more on this further down)... but first

Who am I and Why Should You Listen To Me?

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My name is John Gorecki and I've quietly been using Google Adwords for a couple years now (since it first came out actually) to sell thousands of dollars of my own products and services.

I've also had success using Google Adwords to promote products and services as an affiliate and using it for testing (mainly to test headlines and the viability of my niche product ideas).

I also love teaching others about Internet Marketing.

In fact, recently I was asked to speak on the topic of Google Adwords at the NetBreakthroughs Internet Marketing Conference in Spokane, Washington

Below as some pictures my wife took.

Here's What Other People Are Saying My Google Adwords Training

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I'd just like to say that John Gorecki's step by step Adwords videos are astounding!

I'm one who always suffers from the 'I know that already' syndrome as in "Oh - I don't need to bother watching the videos or reading the instructions - I'm very experienced and successful with Google Adwords already , and besides, I'm a certified web programmer and I have a Ph.D."

Well ... I watched the videos while I was procrastinating about another project and Boy did I have egg on my face this time!

The step by step video demonstrations gave me an idea which led to a 39.7% increase in ROI for one of my most important keyword groups the very day I viewed them, -- talk about instant justification for purchase!

No matter how much you think you know about Google Adwords, and even if you already know so of the things John teaches, I can't recommend more strongly enough you get a hold of his Adwords videos.

Glenn Livingston, Ph.D.
Managing Partner,
Virtuoso Software LLC

As far as I'm concerned, Google Ad Secrets is the definitive source for everything AdWords.

There's simply a ridiculous amount of great information available from John Gorecki on the subject.

I had the pleasure of seeing John's seminar presentation in Seattle, and I was blown away by what I didn't know... and I consider myself highly knowledgeable on the subject!

I now send everyone that asks for AdWords info to John.

Nathan Anderson
Anderson Agencies
Beulah, Colorado

I have been an Internet Marketer want-to-be for the past couple of years.

I got my mitts on every "How-To" do it ebook, book, and courses and I realized that Pay Per Click was were it was at.

Last summer I promoted an event with the knowledge I had at the time (many e-books from many gurus).

The event did turn out to be a success, but we paid a lot of money to get to that place.

I'm on another project right now... so I get John Gorecki's Google course.

Yes, I know, yet another PPC course, but I thought what the heck, it came with a money back guarantee, what could I lose.

I must say his insights to the Google Adwords World are remarkable.

I have had a campaign going now for 2 days and the response is great and the best part is the cost... a fraction to the first Google marketing adventure I did.

Using what I've learned I have been able to drop my average cost per clicks from $1.00 to 0.25 and from .20 to .05 (all the while maintaining my first page results).

You won't go wrong with John's course.

Dale Winton Bigelow
Holistic Lifestyle Promotions


I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how much I love your GoogleAdSecrets product!! I've been messing around with Adwords for a small while, but your info really helped me to shorten my learning curve.

Since I'm more of a visual learner, I especially appreciated the videos as well as the utility tools you provided. A really top-notch product!!

Dana Sanders
Columbia, MD

Hello John,

I've bought four Google Adwords reports and the only one that has given me tremendous confidence to master Google Adwords is your video programs.

The total value of your program is thousand times more than what I paid for and far exceeding my expectations.

Please feel free to quote this as a testimonial.

Best Regards!

Anthony Wong
(website withheld)
San Francisco, CA

Hi John,

I find your Google Adwords videos very valuable and time saving so far. Well done!

After applying your Google Adwords strategies on my wife's travel business, I've added 36 leads and 100 newsletter subscribers to her business in the first month!

I highly recommend anyone wanting to learn how Google Adwords work, to get John's Tutorials.

Riggie Freyer
Burgdorf, Germany

John, Awesome videos! Not only are they easy to view (a big plus for 'non-techs') but they are clear and concise and actually make learning Google Adwords a fun process!

People really need a "Do As I Do" approach when it comes to Google, and your videos are exactly that... Plus, I absolutely love the Name Squeeze technique. So easy to implement yet so effective. Bravo!

Michael Murray
Orlando, FL

Hi John...........What can I say.........top draw, mate.........you've nailed it;

I remember reading Corey Rudl in a recent Newsletter talked about his two favorite marketing strategies: Pay Per Click (PPC) search engines and Affiliate programs.......... and you have incorporated top notch training for both in one super magical program

Why do I think it's so "magical"?

It's Magical because it will enable anyone, regardless of marketing experience, to follow each step in setting up a PPC campaign at the lowest cost and get the top positions in Google! I really love the easy to learn step-by-step video series series of video's..............it makes it as easy to understand as ABC ..............a real no-brainer John, thank you.

As an Australian, we tend to say it as it is, and to my mind your Google Ad Secrets course is as good as it gets and worth at least twice what I paid for it!

Laurence Chilcott,

I Decided To Approach Google Adwords From Several Angles

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Part of the reason there are so many videos in my package (50+) is because I wanted to come at Adwords from many different angles... because people are using Google Adwords very differently.

What I did was create videos for 2 main training streams...

1. Google Adwords Basics
2. Promoting Affiliate Programs Using Google Adwords.
3. Promoting Product and Services Using Google Adwords.

If you are short on time and more interested in a certain topic you can use the quick jump menu below:

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Google Adwords Basics Video Series Click Here

Promoting Affiliate Programs Video Series #1
Click Here

Promoting Affiliate Programs Video Series #2 Click Here

Promoting Your Own Products & Services Video Series #1 Click Here

Promoting Your Own Products & Services Video Series #2 Click Here


Before You Start You Have To Master The Basics

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What good are a pair of running shoes if you are still crawling?

Some of my clients were saying that they were very intimidated by the various Google Adwords Screens and they felt that that they were not "doing things rights"... or they had a feeling that they were "missing something"... well I don't blame them as I already mentioned Google Adwords does have a high learning curve.

That is why I created the first CD which contains Videos that deal with the basics of Google Adwords

Google Adwords Basics Video Series

The videos on this CD cover the following topics:

Setting up your Google Adwords Account

Campaign Level Overview and Tips
Ad Group Level Overview and Tips

Ad Level Overview and Tips

By watching the videos you'll learn:

  • How to sign up for Google Adwords

  • How to set up your account

  • A complete overview of all the features (including the "hidden" ones) of the Campaign screens

  • How altering a few settings can be the difference between a profitable campaign and one that loses money.

  • How to save yourself a lot of time and hassle by doing one simple thing (I was so happy when I figured this out).

  • What all the Campaign setting mean and their effects on your campaigns

  • What counties to select to maximize expose for an English Speaking audience

  • In what situation you want search and content targeting on or off.

  • A complete overview of all the features (including the "hidden" ones) of the Ad Group screens

  • How the Ad Group level differs from the campaign level

  • Some neat organization and time saving tips

  • A complete overview of all the features (including the "hidden" ones) of the Ad screen

  • Important tips regarding the display vs destination url

So You Wanna Promote Affiliate Programs Using Google Adwords Do Ya?

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Promoting affiliate programs using Google Adwords is quickly becoming the preferred medium of many affiliate marketers... and with good reason.

Never before has there been a faster way to make money online. In a nutshell you simply sign up with a website that offers an affiliate program, you create a keyword list, write a couple ads, enter them into Google Adwords and Bada Bing Bada Boom... you're making money... seems very easy right?

Well if you have already tried this (as many people have) you will know that it's not as easy as some people would have you believe :)

The basic concept is simple... but things like picking the right niche/affiliate program to promote are difficult. Also there is lots you have to know about keyword picking and organization strategy, bidding strategy etc... in order to actually make a decent profit.

Don't get me wrong it is very possible to create (as one Adwords marketer coined them) AMMs aka Affiliate Money Makers... I know I've made thousands of dollars promoting affiliate programs thorough Google adwords as have many others... you just gotta follow a system that works :)

Basically after much trial and error I have developed such a system.

If you follow it you will be able to create campaigns that give you 1 - 10+ times the return on your advertising costs. While I cannot promise you that after watching my videos *all* the campaigns you start will turn out to be profitable (heck even I still create more "duds" than I do winners)... but I do promise that you will be armed with a step by step system that will enable you to find winners quicker.

To make things super clear for you, what I have done with this series of videos is build them around a very detailed case study... as you watch the videos you will see me take a niche (and evaluate it), find an affiliate program for that niche then put it through my filter system to determine if it has a good chance of succeeding with Adwords.

I reveal every step I take, every consideration I make, and every little question I ask myself before I actually go through with setting up a campaign to promote a product as an affiliate.

Then after I have set up the campaign I show you how I track, manage and tweak that campaign.

Promoting Affiliate Programs Through Adwords Video Series #1
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The videos on this CD cover the following topics:

Affiliate Program Basics
The Two Different Approaches to Finding Products/Services to Promote
Finding Niche Markets
Demand/Competition Analysis
Finding Affiliate Programs
Affiliate Program Compatibility/Profitability Analysis

By watching the videos you'll learn:

  • Learn exactly what affiliate programs are, how they work and how they can make money with them.

  • This "alternative approach" to promoting affiliate products using adwords -- Most people have only been taught one approach (this alternative works better for many people because it is less systematic and in a lot of cases more "natural" and "intuitive").

  • The exact process I go through to brainstorm/research niches and keywords.
  • The 3 critical criteria that any niche market/product idea must pass before you should even consider going any further with it... learn this and watch your success rate skyrocket.

  • How to slash the time it takes you to test the 3 critical criteria I just mentioned to only a couple minutes per niche/product idea.

  • Step by step how to sign up for, navigate, and get your affiliate links inside the biggest affiliate network online.

  • A little know way to instantly increase the conversion rate of all most any CJ affiliate program by up to 500% (this cool trick takes you less than 1 minute to do... and I show you how to do it step by step)

  • A complete overview of how to sign up for, navigate, find affiliate programs and get your links at 3 more of the largest affiliate networks online.

  • 3 non affiliate network sites through which you can find thousands of affiliate programs... and step by step how I navigate through to find the best programs.

  • The 4 critical criteria that my selected affiliate program must pass before I will even consider promoting it using Google Adwords and exact how I check them.

    Side Note: One of the main reason people fail promoting affiliate program with adwords is because they are promoting affiliate programs for products and services that don't pass these 4 very critical criteria.

Affiliate Programs Through Adwords Video Series #2

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The videos on this CD cover the following topics:

Keyword Research and Grouping Strategy
How to Writing Killer Ads
Roll out Strategy
Bidding Strategy


Managing/Tweaking Campaigns

By watching the videos you'll learn:

  • The strategy I use for developing my initial "testing" keyword list for promoting affiliate programs using adwords.

    Side Note: My keywords strategy is quite different promoting affiliate programs than it is promoting my own products and services.

  • How to properly group your "testing" keyword list for max clickthroughs and profits (Later on I reveal a special utility I created that automatically groups your keywords for you... imagine the time you will save)

  • Step by step using examples I reveal 7 ad writing strategies that are proven to increase response rates by as much as 1000% (Not even the highly paid pay per click consultants have yet discovered a couple of these strategies)

  • A secret "non-ad" tweak that you can use to instantly increase your click through rate by 30%.

  • Step by step, exactly how to enter, create and structure my campaigns, adgroups and ads to ensure you make the most money out of the affiliate program you are promoting.

  • The exact bidding strategy you should be using to promote affiliate programs (I spend 3 whole videos walking you through bidding strategy... that should tell you how important it is).

  • How to get better results than you competitors even if they are spending more per click then you are.

  • How to avoid overspending in the "testing" phase of your affiliate campaigns.

  • Exactly how to track your affiliate campaigns... by using this simply approach you will be able to know exactly how profitable your affiliate campaigns are.

  • I reveal a brand new tool that allows you to track your affiliate sales by keyword (or at least get a pretty close estimate) and how you can try it for free.

  • A strategy you should be using if you are "knowledgeable" or "interested" in the niche that the affiliate program caters to... this technique will not only increase your conversions but also increase you long term profits from the affiliate program.

  • Exactly what to modify (and in what order) after you have completed the initial testing of your affiliate campaign.

  • How performing 2 simple "pruning" actions on your affiliate campaign will increase your click through rate and ultimately bring you in more commissions.

  • How to know when to shut a poor performing affiliate campaign

Bonus Video: Affiliate Lessons Learned Part 1

  • The one crucial thing that ensures your success promoting affiliate programs using Adwords.

  • How to find out about the hot new affiliate products from one of the largest affiliate networks before anyone else does.

  • A common mistake I see most Google Adwords affiliate markets making... that is causing them to "loose confidence" in their abilities to make money (but the kicker is it's not them... it's a misconception they have that can be easily cleared up).

  • How to easily promote an affiliate program that has a pop up on it's main page (Google currently doesn't allow you to advertise a website that has a pop-up on it.. either on entrance or on exit).

  • Another mistake I see almost 90% of newbie Adwords affiliate marketers making when it comes to bidding on keywords.

  • How adwords marketers kiss off great affiliate programs just because of a certain characteristic (again it's another misconception that's killing them)

Bonus Video: Affiliate Lessons Learned Part 2

  • 3 online sources that instantly tell you what the hot, trends, fads etc…. one of them even tells you what the hottest selling consumer products are.

  • 4 offline strategies/ideas for finding hot untapped niche markets that you can turn around and exploit online.

  • How to find a certain type of affiliate program that for some reason people forget about (hint: this type of affiliate program is the most profitable to promote

Promoting Your Own Products or Services Using Google Adwords

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Google adwords is without a doubt the best medium to promote your own products and services (or your companies products and services) online.

It doesn't matter if you are an Internet newbie selling your first digital infoproduct or if you're the CEO of a multimillion dollar company that sells hundred of thousands of your widgets every year.

It doesn't matter if you product is simple or complex, if it's very expensive or dirt cheap... it also doesn't matter if you provide a service locally or around the world.

The bottom line is if you know how to use Google Adwords correctly you will be able to generate very targeted that will result in a huge increase in sales, leads, or what ever want to get. It's been my experience that traffic you generate through Google is of the highest quality and converts much better into sales than other traffic sources (including other pay per click search engines).

Side Note: Promoting your own products or services using Adwords is different than promoting affiliate programs. The main reason is that you have more control and flexibility in what strategies you can adopt.

This is why I have created an entire two separate CD's filled to the brim with step by step videos that solely focus on how to properly promote your product or service using Adwords

Promoting Your Own Product & Service Using Adwords Video Series #1
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The videos on this CD cover the following topics:

Keyword Research Strategy
Keyword Grouping and Organization Strategy
How to write Killer Ads

By watching the videos you'll learn:

  • A free online tool you can use to get you started building your keyword list... and more importantly how to use it properly.

  • The premier keyword research tool available on the market today and how to use it step by step... if you could only pick one keyword tool to master this is the one.

  • Two other little know free keyword tools that when used usually enable you to find keywords that the other tools "missed".

  • My simple strategy for instantly quadrupling your keyword list in minutes... you'll be amazed at how simple (but sneaky) this is and why you didn't think of it yourself.

  • The keyword brainstorming/research method that Pay Per Click consultants charge big bucks for... you will be absolutely flabbergasted when you discover it's power.

  • What if I could show you how to find great keywords (that have little or no competition) for 0.05 to 0.15 per click.

  • How to get top positions (for pennies or nickels) for the same keywords that cost $1.00 and up on Overture.

  • A detailed overview of my entire keyword grouping and organization strategy... imagine how good it will feel to not have to wonder if you are setting up your adgroups and ads in the right way.

  • The keyword grouping and organization strategy you have to learn and embarrassed if you want to have high clickthroughs rates and spend 0.05 - 0.15 cents per keyword as opposed to .25 to 1.00+.

  • After you are done grouping and organizing your keywords there are 4 steps I do further expand each group and get then ready for entering into the Google Adwords interface.

  • Taking these 4 steps after you are done your grouping is crucial if you want to be able to quickly and easily make the transition of setting things up in Adwords... and after all time is money isn't it?

  • Here's a fact: Google rewards ads that can get high click through rates (unlike Overture). The higher you can raise the click through rate of your ads 1) the more targeted traffic you will get, 2) the higher placement you will have, 3) and the less you will pay per click for a top position All these outcomes leads to more profit for you ad the end of the day.
  • These are the same ad writing strategies that I teach you in the promoting affiliate programs using Google Adwords series... only now you apply them to your own products and service.

  • There are 7 primary techniques I use to create ads that have awesome clickthroughs rates. You'll learn then all in detail (using sample ads).

  • How changing one simple part of your ad can increase your clickthroughs rate by 50%... and the best part this tweak takes about 15 to do.

Promoting Your Own Product & Service Using Adwords Video Series #2

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Topics covered on these videos:

Rollout out your Adwords Campaign
Bidding Strategy

Managing/Tweaking Campaigns

  • Exactly how to take your grouped keywords and enter them into Google Adwords... I show you step by step the quickest (and simplest) way to do it.

  • The one thing you should do right away when entering your ads to automatically increase your clickthroughs rate (Most people don't even know you can take this step and those that do know mistakenly do it days or weeks later... and loose out on profits)

  • Google Adwords bidding demystified... max bids, traffic estimates, etc... I explain it all in a way you will understand... after watching this video you'll be able to bid with confidence like an adwords pro.

  • How to avoid going about bidding "backwards" -- yep that right most people approach bidding completely backwards and then wonder why the sale don't come rolling in.

  • How to figure out how much you should be paying for your keywords (striking the right balance between cost and position is one of the keys to success with adwords)

  • The most important thing you need to track to make sure you are making the most possible from your adwords campaigns(hint: it's not the conversion rate)

  • How to figure out the max you should be paying per click in 25 seconds or less.

  • The 3 ways you can increase the Return On Investment (ROI) of you website. Most people only focus on one (max two) of the ways and leave tons of money on the table.

  • Without question the most crucial thing you have to make sure you do when setting up your adwords campaigns... if there was one tip adwords tip you need to take from this package... this is it.

  • 6 things you should be testing besides your adwords ads to maximize your profit from ever visitor you get from adwords.

  • Step by step how to set up and use a free tool to find out exactly which keywords are bringing you in sales and which ones are just sucking you dry.

  • How to "prune" your campaigns. This is the code name I have given for two secret steps I do after I get an initial feel for my click through rate, traffic numbers and sales -- this is the "advanced stuff" that really separates the men from the boys or women from the girls :-)

  • How to "slash" your campaigns. This is the code name I have given for the secret step I do after pruning... I show you through examples step by step how to use the "slash" technique that at the end of the day almost always results in around 10%- 40% more profit in your pocket.

  • The most important things to remember when managing your campaigns to ensure you stay on track and see the big picture

Bonus Videos: The "Name Squeeze" Method Revealed

  • A complete, exhaustive explanation of the "underground" Name Squeeze method and how to use it together with Adwords to create super targeted groups of opt-in subscribers interested in your products/services or the affiliate program(s) you are promoting

  • 6 reasons why you should use the Name Squeeze approach with Adwords

    Side Note: The Name Squeeze method is perfect if you sell expensive high ticket items and need sales leads. Now you can use the Name Squeeze method to generate targeted leads at a fraction of what it would normally cost you to acquire these leads using expensive outbound sales tactics.

  • The 5 crucial things you must do if you want to succeed using the Name Squeeze (implement them and you'll be laughing all the way to the bank while your competitors are left scratching their head)

  • The insider trick to get your opt-ins to eagerly anticipate every piece of follow-up email you send them (most people blow it in the follow-up... don't be one of them)

  • Exactly how to set up your Name Squeeze page to ensure visitors fall hand over fist to opt-in to receive your information

  • 3 different "live" successful name squeeze pages and the different angles they use -- there is nothing like learning by example

How To Create The Perfect Keyword List in 1/30th The Time

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At this point I'll let a couple secret out of the bag... one of the biggest mistakes people make and that is that they have anemic (ie: very small) keywords lists. They usually only bid on all the same keywords as their competitors do and as a results get into bidding wars.

One of the secrets to success with Adwords is to generate a massive keyword list (they they key is that the keywords must be relaxant to your product/service/affiliate program).

But the problem with creating large relevant keywords list is that they take a long time to create and then an even longer time to organize and group properly.

However generating and grouping a large relevant keyword list doesn't have to take you hours or days.... in fact after you have gathered an initial keyword list you can easily grow that keyword list by 15 times by simply using some of my "top secret" keyword utilities:

So far I have created the following keyword utilities:

Strip Numbers Utility

How it works: Strips all the numbers from your text/keyword selection (I designed this utility for use with the Overture Search Suggestion Tool)

Strip Specified Word/Characters Utility

How it works:
Strips what ever words or characters you specify from your selection of text/keywords.

Eliminate Duplicates Utility

How it works: Instantly purges your text/keyword list of any keyword phrase that appears twice or more (on separate lines). This is a great if you gather your keywords from several different sources (like I show you how to do in the videos)

Group Keywords by Keywords Utility

How it works: This is my favorite and the one that saves me hours of time... you simply enter one of more keywords and the utility automatically goes through your keyword list and creates groups of keywords that contain the keyword(s) you specified.

Add Action Words Utility

How it works: Adding common action words to your keywords has been an insider pay per click keyword trick for year... now you can have my utility do it for you (and guess what? the utility is flexible enough so you can add/remove action words from it)

Add Plurals Utility

How it works: instantly pluralizes your keyword list... it's even smart enough not to pluralize a keyword if it already ends with the letter 's'

Add Quotes and Square Brackets

How it works: This utility instantly "wraps" your keywords with both "quotes" and [square brackets]

So What Are These Step by Step Video Tutorials Worth To You?

Obviously by now you are beginning to realize that value of this package are wondering how much is this gonna cost you... right?

Most of my marketing friends have said that for 50+ video tutorials the going rate is minimum
$197. But I'm going against their advice and instead I'm going to do some price testing to find the optimum price point.

I'm starting my price testing at $97 for the online version and $127 for the CD version.

It's for this reason I wouldn't put off getting the GoogleAdSecrets Package today. I'd really hate for you to come back and see that I've raised the price to $127 and$147 respectively (my next price test).

There will be no exceptions when the price goes up... you have had your warning :)

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For a Limited Time I'm Also Going to Include These Bonuses

Bonus #1: Perry Marshall's "Tell All" Tele-clinic HOT!

Recently Google Adwords expert Perry Marshall did a "Tell All" tele-clinic... all I can say is that it was awesome! (This is the same clinic that one well know marketer is selling all day long for $77.)

Bonus #2: PDF Transcript and Case Study/Example notes of the Perry Marshall Tele-clinic

Bonus #3: My Detailed PowerPoint Overview Manual HOT!

I gave all attendees of the recent seminar I spoke my handouts of my detailed PowerPoint notes. I organized these handouts to work as a complete overview manual for all the steps in my system.

As well the notes contain some killer new ad writing techniques not mentioned in the videos.

Bonus #3: My Special Source For How to get a $50 Google Adwords New Account Voucher. (Value: $50)

So what are you waiting for?

The bonuses alone are worth the price!


Wishing you much Adwords Success!

John Gorecki

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